Monday, 31 October 2011

I don't need a costume to look scary

cardigan - charity shop
dress - American Apparel
necklaces - Topshop/Claires
socks - Primark
satchel - Primark
shoes - Faith

Happy Halloween lovely people, I do hope you've all located suitable attire. I think this is the first year I haven't gone trick or treating which is embarrassing as I am 17.. Anyway, we've literally been eaten out of house of home by these mask wearing individuals, all that remains is about two haribo rings and a maryland cookie.

Also, I don't usually share this kind of thing, but this is something my (ahem) friend who's a boy made for me when he ventured to New York. This is literally just the tip of the iceberg for proving how wonderful he really is.

Sunday, 30 October 2011

and I don't want your heart, it leaves me cold

cardigan - charity shop
shirt - Jack Wills
vest - Zara
jeans - Primark
satchel - Primark
shoes - Faith

I can't even begin to explain how good this weekend has been. Friday I ventured to London with someone who means ridiculous amounts to me. By the end of the day we'd seen Big Ben, The National Gallery, waved to people at every possible opportunity, run after tourists and dodged fairs on the underground because we'd rather spend our money on tea. We then had to (literally) run for our train in order to get a seat we so desperately wanted. I hadn't done so much exercise since Year 11 compulsory PE. Still, it's lovely to actually journey outside sometimes ;)

I'm also so glad I took minimal amounts of money with me. I forgot how much opportunity for shopping there is.

Thursday, 27 October 2011

chasing down irrational dreams

shirt - Primark
jumper - Jack Wills
coat - Zara
jeans - Primark
shoes - Faith

This half term has actually been rather good for once, shopping plus cinema outings plus seeing nice people. I'm actually going to London tomorrow to go and see some more nice people which is excellent as I love train journeys. Plus as the chilly weather is kicking in, I don't get strange looks when I go out dressed in a jumper and a coat :)
Times are good indeed.

Sunday, 23 October 2011

baked alaska

cardigan - charity shop
shirt - new look
shorts - primark
shoes - faith

Oh, how comforting is the thought of going to bed and being able to sleep for as long as you want? *sigh*, the beauty of half term. Well, I have spent my day making a Christmas cake, painting my nails (as you can see in the post below), venturing to Costa with nice people and watching Madagascar. Tomorrow is likely to be much the same, and noone can say anything because it's half term and all the productive plans I have can wait.. Sounds good to me.

galaxy nails

Basically, I've seen hundreds of images of 'galaxy' nails dotted around the web and due to the fact I rarely do anything with my nails, I thought I'd give it a go.
There's loads of different ways you can do it, so I merged a few together to create the ones in the picture you see above of my hand.
The colours you're going to need are:
metallic/dark blue
metallic purple
metallic pink/cream
You will also need a cocktail stick, or a nail art pen for the star detailing as well as a sponge. I also use a clear base coat to stop my nails from staining, as well as  coat to use to go over the top.
Firstly, paint your nails with the base coat, if you're using it, then with the black. Once that has dried, dip your sponge in the dark/metallic blue. Sponge a corner or small section of your nail with the blue and you should get a nice gradient effect. Over the top of this, sponge the purple, put make sure you let some of the blue come through. Repeat with the pink/cream and then, a little of the white. After this, dip your cocktail stick or use your nail art pen to create small circles on your nail. After you've done all of your nails, which might take a while, go over with a clear top coat and voila!

Friday, 21 October 2011

if I'm lost don't find me if I jump let me sink

top - diy
skirt - Topshop
cardigan - eBay
shoes - Faith

Although this sounds crazy, I've just about finished my 4 page English essay as well as my economics. Only Philosophy left to go, which I'm aiming to complete this evening. My work is usually abandoned until the last possible minute but this half term I thought I'd turn things around. Anyway, now I can celebrate with hot chocolate and come dine with me and not feel guilty.
You may call it pathetic, I call it dedication ;)

Thursday, 20 October 2011

the seasons have changed and so have we

dress - new look
necklace - primark
shoes - faith

After about 6 weeks, finally we are rewarded with a lovely week of freedom. This is one of my favourite holidays due to the fact it's usually spent going to parties, trick or treating, watching firework displays and dressing up. Earlier this evening, I had a mad brainwave to get all my work done before the lack of motivation kicks in. However, two hours later I wake up, English books splayed about my room, with three paragraphs done. It looks as if the work shall have to wait.. Anyway, I found this dress in the sale at new look, in the size eight section, later to find it was actually age 14-15. I squeezed into it and was most pleased with the £5 price tag. Ah, how I love sales.

Monday, 17 October 2011

I know that we'll be safe and sound

shirt - eBay
jumper - charity shop
jeans - Primark
shoes - Faith
necklace - Topman

Well the coats were definitely out today as the weather provided a firm reminder we're no longer in summer. Any excuse to bring out the knitwear though, I own far too much of it. Three hours at school today allowed to have a nice lie in though causing me to unknowingly miss the sixth form picture being taken. Such a great loss on both parts ;) Anyway, I get a day off tomorrow for an outing to Manchester, not purely for leisure as I do have to attend a dentist appointment, but still a nice change from Tuesday's usual routine :)

Gosh, I really need to turn the heating on when my mum isn't looking, I think I'm starting to develop frostbite..

Saturday, 15 October 2011

cardigan - eBay
shirt - vintage
stole - found it in my mother's wardrobe
skirt - Topshop
necklace - Muse
shoes - Faith

Despite the sun gracing us with it's glorious presence today, I decided to dress in a rather more autumnal manner. I never really wear faux fur but I dug this out and thought it went rather nicely as well as providing warmth. I'm selling this shirt on eBay although it's really starting to grow on me, all the same, don't be afraid to take a look ;) Lacking employment means eBay is my only form of income, though I tend to spend any profit I make within minutes anyway :')

Friday, 14 October 2011

you bleed just to know you're alive

shirt - vintage
jumper - charity shop
skirt - Topshop
boots - Tesco

Ah, the thought of it being Friday fills me with joy, also the fact I have actually managed to complete my work for once. Also probably indicates my lack of social life ;) Anyway, I have recently discovered the wonders of charity shopping, which at first I didn't really fancy. Though my friend coaxed me into accompanying her and now I always find myself wandering into them, having a quick scan around, definitely a habit I recommend! Also, the shirt is the one I'm selling on eBay so if you fancy a look please have a click here :)

Thursday, 13 October 2011


blazer - Topshop
shirt - Topshop
scarf - H&M
necklace - lovehearts and crosses
bag - Zara

I haven't posted in a while, mainly due to my camera being a little on the dead side. However, this does not stop me from wanting clothes and therefore sharing my wishlist.
Also, I am selling a  rather nice shirt on eBay, so if you wish to have a look, do click here :)

look it's a lookbook look