Monday, 13 November 2017

Click your heels

top - ebay
trousers and jacket - H&M

dress - Missguided
bag - Depop
shoes - Lightinthebox

It's funny how a change of shoes can change how you feel. How finding a new pair of shoes on your doormat can lift your mood, and your heels off the floor. 
 (Eat your heart out Dorothy.)

Whilst the rest of your outfit might look dull, that pointed toe or flash of red can be that finishing touch and somehow make everything that little bit more put together.

And I am so in need of anything that helps me look 'put together'. Thank god for Lightinthebox.

What's your favourite pair of shoes?



  1. I absolutely love these outfits! The velvet number especially is something so chic and gorgeous on you <3


  2. Wow babe! I felt in love with your dress, it is amazing, a perfect shape and a very beautiful color.


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